Energy storages
Greater independence and efficiency

Thinking about maximizing the benefits of your photovoltaic installation? Consider investing in energy storage. Storing the energy produced by your panels will allow you to use it whenever you need it – even after the sun goes down. Energy storage is the technology of the future, guaranteeing even greater independence from electricity suppliers and allowing you to optimise the use of your own energy. At Energia Capital, we will help you choose and install the right energy storage to make your investment even more effective.

Increase self-consumption of energy
from photovoltaic installations

By investing in energy storage, you increase your self-consumption of energy, which means that even more of the energy produced by your photovoltaic panels is used directly in your home or business. This makes you more independent of the grid operator. Energy storage allows you to maximise your savings.

Energy storage as an emergency power supply

A power grid failure, a power cut, a storm – these situations can happen to anyone. With energy storage, you can rest assured that your home or business will not suddenly be without power at such times. The stored energy is available on demand, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even when the rest of the network is out of power.

How does a photovoltaic installation work with energy storage?

The energy production from the photovoltaic installation goes to an inverter.

If appliances are switched on in the house at the time of production, they are powered by the inverter.

The overproduction will go into energy storage and, when there is no power production, you will collect the energy from this device.

If you run out of energy in storage, you pick up energy from the power grid.

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Energia Capital is efficiency and safety

At Energia Capital, our priority is to provide our customers with efficiency and security. Professional installation by our experienced specialists guarantees optimum performance of photovoltaics and energy storage. We take care of every detail to ensure that energy is produced efficiently and without disruption. In addition, all our systems are equipped with advanced safety features, further enhancing your safety and allowing you to enjoy green energy.

We will obtain the best funding for you

Contact us and we will get you the largest possible grant. Our team of specialists is familiar with the procedures and requirements of subsidy programmes, so we can help you get the maximum support for your investment in photovoltaics, energy storage and heat pumps. Trust our experience and don’t worry about the formalities!

Why Energia Capital?

Installation efficiency

It guarantees the fastest return on investment.


We use current and fire protection.

High quality

It ensures trouble-free equipment and installation.

Funding assistance

With us, you won’t miss out on funding.

Quick service

Efficient service teams ensure business continuity.

Great reputation

Join the many customers who recommend us.

Tailored design

Thanks to this, you will not overpay for overestimating your needs.

Comprehensive service

From design to financing to connection.


Both installation and electrical work.

Warranty on installations and components

Up to 10 years for energy storage facilities

Up to 25 years for efficiency of PV panels

Up to 15 years for inverters (inverters)

Up to 12 years for installation work

Up to 5 years for split and monoblock heat pumps