Heat pumps
Efficient heating for home and business

Heat pumps are an innovative and ecological solution for efficient heating of homes and businesses. At Energia Capital, we provide the best solutions tailored to your needs, guaranteeing savings and thermal comfort.

Economy, ecology and convenience

A heat pump is an investment that combines economy, convenience and environmental concerns. Thanks to its efficient operation, it generates more heat energy than it consumes electricity, which translates into lower operating costs. Heat pumps are characterised by a low failure rate and a virtually maintenance-free operation mode, providing convenience and comfort for the user. What is more, by using a heat pump, we contribute to environmental protection by reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. It is the ideal solution for those who value comfort, economy and ecology.

How you gain heat energy

Heat pumps make intelligent use of ambient energy by capturing the heat contained in the atmosphere. For every 1 kW of electricity consumed, a heat pump system is capable of generating between 3 and 5 kW of heat energy. This is much more efficient compared to traditional heating systems that rely solely on electricity or non-renewable resources like coal. In this way, heat pumps, unlike conventional heating methods, do not waste but optimise the use of available resources.

A heat pump offers many advantages

Reducing heating bills

With a properly sized photovoltaic system, your electricity bills can be minimal, helping to significantly reduce the cost of living for your home.

Get funding

With us, you won’t miss out on funding. We will get you the largest possible grant and take care of the formalities.

Maintenance-free heating source

Modern energy installations are attractive to potential buyers and can significantly increase the value of your home on the property market.

You care about the environment

By investing in a heat pump, you are helping to protect the environment. By using renewable energy sources, you are helping to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

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Cost-effective in a wide range of applications

Heat pump for the home

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly and efficient solution for your home. At Energia Capital, we offer both split and monoblock systems, so we can tailor the installation perfectly to your building’s specifics and your needs. Our heat pumps mean comfort, economy and independence from fossil fuel prices.

Heat pump for the company

Heat pumps are an investment in the future of your business, allowing you to reduce your heating costs. We specialise in the installation of high-capacity cascade systems capable of meeting large heat demands. We tailor solutions to the individual needs of your business.

Energia Capital is efficiency and safety

Energia Capital is a guarantee of the efficiency and safety of your heat pump installation. Professional installation, carried out by an experienced team, is the key to full efficiency and optimised energy consumption. In addition, our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features that guarantee safe operation of the equipment for many years. We rely on technologies that provide comfort and safety, while lowering your heating bills. When you choose Energia Capital, you choose quality you can rely on.

We will obtain funding for you

Contact us and we will get you the largest possible grant. Our team of specialists is familiar with the procedures and requirements of subsidy programmes, so we can help you get the maximum support for your investment in photovoltaics and heat pumps. Trust our experience and don’t worry about formalities!

Estimate the heat demand of the building

The use of eco-friendly heating devices like heat pumps is certainly a great solution for any home.

However, it is only by combining them with a fully renewable energy source that we can discover their full potential. Thanks to this combination, we can reduce heating costs to a minimum.

This guarantees an even quicker return on investment. So don’t wait and install a heat pump together with photovoltaics and save on heating.

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Why Energia Capital?

Installation efficiency

It guarantees the fastest return on investment.


We use current and fire protection.

High quality

It ensures trouble-free equipment and installation.

Funding assistance

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Quick service

Efficient service teams ensure business continuity.

Great reputation

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Tailored design

Thanks to this, you will not overpay for overestimating your needs.

Comprehensive service

From design to financing to connection.


Both installation and electrical work.

Warranty on installations and components

Up to 5 years for split and monoblock heat pumps

Up to 12 years for installation work

Up to 25 years for efficiency of PV panels

Up to 15 years for inverters (inverters)

Up to 10 years for energy storage facilities

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