Photovoltaics for business
Green energy and big savings

More and more companies in Poland and around the world are choosing to become independent of electricity rises with their own photovoltaic power plant. Thanks to significant technological advances, photovoltaics have become trouble-free, safe and available to all companies as a source of cheaper and free electricity.

A professional installation is a good investment.

Reduction in fixed costs and independence

Investing in a photovoltaic installation is one of the most effective ways to reduce the fixed costs associated with your business’ energy consumption. Locally produced solar energy significantly reduces your dependence on variable energy tariffs, offering stability and cost predictability. In addition, you gain energy independence by becoming a producer of your own energy. This is a strategic and long-term solution that translates into greater competitiveness for your business in the market.

Photovoltaics in your business offers many advantages

Reduced electricity charges

With a properly sized photovoltaic system, your electricity charges will be significantly reduced. If your business has a high fixed electricity consumption, the rate of return will be even faster.

Possible funding

With us, you won’t miss out on funding and financing options. We offer support to help you get the most financial assistance possible.

Greater goodwill

Modern photovoltaic installations are attractive to potential investors and can increase the value of your property.

Green branding

Build a green image for your company. Show that you care about the environment and are a socially responsible entrepreneur. In this way, you will stand out on the market and attract new customers who increasingly value an ecological approach to business.

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Energia Capital is efficiency and safety

At Energia Capital, our priority is to ensure that our customers are not only efficient, but also safe. Professional installation carried out by our experienced specialists guarantees the optimum performance of photovoltaic installations. We take care of every detail to ensure that energy is produced efficiently and without disruption. In addition, all our systems are equipped with advanced overvoltage and fire protection, which further enhances safety and allows you to enjoy green energy without worry.

We will help you obtain funding

We offer professional support in obtaining the maximum funding or grants for your photovoltaic installation investment. Call us and take advantage of our help to make your investment pay off as quickly as possible.

Why Energia Capital?

Installation efficiency

It guarantees the fastest return on investment.


We use current and fire protection.

High quality

It ensures trouble-free equipment and installation.

Funding assistance

With us, you won’t miss out on funding.

Quick service

Efficient service teams ensure business continuity.

Great reputation

Join the many customers who recommend us.

Tailored design

Thanks to this, you will not overpay for overestimating your needs.

Comprehensive service

From design to financing to connection.


Both installation and electrical work.

Warranty on installations and components

Up to 25 years for efficiency of PV panels

Up to 15 years for inverters (inverters)

Up to 12 years for installation work

Up to 5 years for split and monoblock heat pumps

Up to 10 years for energy storage facilities

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